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Molecular sieve for Mixed Propylene Drying

Molecular sieve for Mixed Propylene Drying


Xintao 3A Molecular Sieve, is an alkali metal alumina silicate. It is the potassium form of the type A crystal structure. 

It has an effective pore opening of about 3 angstroms(0.3nm). This is large enough to allow in moisture, but excludes molecules such as unsaturated hydrocarbons which can potentially form polymers. 

Xintao 3A Molecular Sieve, has the advantages of faster adsorption speed, more regeneration times, higher crushing strength, stronger anti-pollution ability, greater utilization efficiency and longer service life.

 Chemical Molecular Formula: 0.4K2O·0.6Na2O·Al2O3·2SiO2··4.5H2O.   (SiO2 : Al2O3 ≈2).

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